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NASA to Hold Briefing to Discuss Status of ‘Flying Saucer’ Test


June 08, 2015
NASA to Hold Briefing to Discuss Status of ‘Flying Saucer’ Test
NASA’s Low-Density Supersonic Decelerator (LDSD) project completed its second flight test when the saucer-shaped craft splashed down safely Monday in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of the Hawaiian island of Kauai. A post-flight media teleconference will be held at 1 p.m. EDT (7 a.m. HST), Tuesday, June 9 to review the test.
Briefing participants are:
  • Steve Jurczyk, associate administrator for the Space Technology Mission Directorate at NASA Headquarters in Washington
  • Mark Adler, LDSD project manager at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) in Pasadena, California
  • Ian Clark, LDSD principal investigator at JPL
To participate by phone, reporters must contact Kim Newton by email at kimberly.d.newton@nasa.gov or 256-653-5173 no later than 5 a.m. Tuesday.
Audio of the teleconference will be streamed live at:
NASA’s Low-Density Supersonic Deceleratortest vehicle begins its ascent to 180,000 feet aboard a helium-filled balloon. It launched from the U.S. Navy’s Pacific Missile Range Facility on Kauai, Hawaii, to test entry, descent and landing technologies NASA will need to land large payloads on Mars and other distant planets.
Credits: NASA/Keith Koehler
LDSD launched at 7:45 a.m. HST (1:45 p.m. EDT) from the U.S. Navy’s Pacific Missile Range Facility using a large scientific balloon. After it was carried to an altitude of nearly 120,000 feet, the LDSD test vehicle separated from the balloon. An on-board rocket motor ignited and continued to carry the vehicle to nearly 180,000 feet.
Two advanced decelerator technologies – a supersonic inflatable aerodynamic decelerator and a supersonic parachute – were tested. The supersonic inflatable aerodynamic decelerator deployed and inflated. The supersonic parachute also deployed, however, it did not perform as expected. Data was obtained on the performance of both innovative braking technologies, and the teams are beginning to study the data.
The LDSD project is one of several cross-cutting technologies NASA's Space Technology Mission Directorate is developing to advance the critical technologies required to enable future exploration missions to destinations beyond low-Earth orbit, including an asteroid, Mars and beyond.
LDSD testing is conducted through NASA's Technology Demonstrations Missions program, based at the agency’s Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Alabama, with technology development work and testing led by JPL. NASA's Wallops Flight Facility in Virginia coordinated range and safety support with the Pacific Missile Range Facility and provided the balloon systems used to launch the LDSD test vehicle.
For more information on LDSD, visit:
For more information on NASA's Space Technology Mission Directorate, visit:
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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Scott Nelson: Sound Evidence for Bigfoot

Scott Nelson: Sound Evidence for Bigfoot

Scott Nelson
By Margie Kay

Scott Nelson will present his interpretation of recordings of Bigfoot at the Kansas City Paracon Conference August 1-2, 2014. Scott will also conduct a Bigfoot Investigation Workshop at the event.

Scott retired from the U.S. Navy as a Crypto-Linguist with over 30 years experience in Foreign Language and Linguistics, including the collection, transcription, analysis and reporting of voice communications. Logged several thousand hours of collection and transcription of voice communications as a Cryptologic Interpreter for the U.S. Navy.

He is a two time graduate of the U.S. Navy Cryptologic Voice Transcription School (Russian and Spanish) and has logged thousands of hours of voice transcription in his target languages as well as in Persian.

He served in Spain, Panama, Scotland and several bases in the U.S. as well as afloat units in the Persian Gulf, Indian Ocean and Mediterranean Sea. In his civilian life, He worked fifteen years on the Faculty of Philosophy and Languages at Wentworth College, Lexington, Missouri; teaching Russian, Persian and Spanish as well several Philosophy and Religion courses.

Scott now lives in Independence, Missouri with his two younger children Bayleigh and Steven.SASQUATCH PHONETIC ALPHABET AND TRANSCRIPTION STANDARD: In 2010, published the Sasquatch Phonetic Alphabet and Transcription Standard. His work has verified that these creatures use language by the human definition of it. The months of hard work that we have put into the study of the Berry/Morehead tapes has finally coming to fruition. Scott believes that the study of these tapes will never (and should never) end. With the recognition and acceptance that these creatures do indeed speak and understand a complex language, a greater effort will be made to collect voice recordings and our analysis of the language will improve. Now that there is a precedent and techniques established for this study, this process will certainly become easier. Website

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1969 UFO sighting at Lake City Army Ammunition Plant just reported to MUFON

Press Release

1969 UFO sighting at Lake City Army Ammunition Plant just reported to MUFON
Missouri MUFON received a report from a witness who saw a large UFO over Lake City Army Ammunition Plant in 1969.  The witness, who was told to keep quiet about the event, recently decided to come forward in order to let the public know that an unidentified object hovered and moved about the plant for two hours in the middle of the night and was witnessed by at least 13 people.

June 6, 2014 Independence, Missouri

Raymond Griggs, age 22 at the time, was living in Independence, Missouri and working as a civilian contractor at Lake City.  Lake City Army Ammunition Plant is a 3,935-acre U.L. government owned, contractor-operated facility located in eastern Independence near 7 Highway and 28 Highway. The plant manufactures ammunition for the military for the U.S. Army. In addition, Lake City performs small caliber ammunition stockpile reliability testing and has ammunition and weapon testing responsibilities as the NATO National and Regional Test Center.

Lake City Army Ammo Plant in Independence, MO
Raymond worked the night shift from midnight to eight O’Clock A.M. in the printing shop. On a hot August night in 1969 the electricity for the entire plant and all buildings suddenly went out, so the crew of seven in his department went outside to cool down. That is when they noticed a UFO.

A bright chrome spherical object hovered just over a building four buildings away from the men’s position. The object then slowly moved over another building across the road and hovered, then continued to zig-zag back and forth across the road from building to building for approximately two hours. The seven men on the crew with Mr. Griggs talked amongst themselves while watching the UFO.  At the same time, several jeeps with MP’s were driving to and from the area very quickly, which is something the men had never witnessed before.

The unidentified object then left the area by shooting up into the sky at a 30 degree angle at an incredible speed. Raymond said that it was gone in ½ of a second, and that solidified the fact that the men were looking at a real UFO and not a military craft of any type. Just as the UFO exited, the electricity came back on.

The next morning, two men arrived at the office that no one had seen before. One was dressed in a gray suit and the other in black. One of the men said to everyone “Remember that you have all signed a security clearance and you did not see anything.” The men then turned and left. They did not introduce themselves or show any identification. The message was clear, and Raymond Griggs kept his mouth shut for 45 years. But after seeing an episode of Hangar 1 in which Missouri was featured as a UFO Hot Spot he decided to come forward with the story.

Missouri MUFON would like for anyone else present at the time of the event or family members who heard a witness talk about it to contact Margie Kay at 816-833-1602 or momufon@missourimufon.org. She will keep witness information confidential if desired.

Margie Kay
Assistant State Director for Missouri MUFON
1134 S Pearl Street
Independence, MO 64050
816-833-1602 (Office M-F 9 - 5 CST, Sat 10 - 3)
816-365-9492 (Cell)
Missouri MUFON

Thursday, February 27, 2014

NASA's Kepler Mission Announces a Planet Bonanza, 715 New Worlds

More possibilities for extraterrestrial life...

February 26, 2014

RELEASE 14-059

NASA's Kepler Mission Announces a Planet Bonanza, 715 New Worlds

NASA's Kepler mission announced Wednesday the discovery of 715 new planets. These newly-verified worlds orbit 305 stars, revealing multiple-planet systems much like our own solar system.
Nearly 95 percent of these planets are smaller than Neptune, which is almost four times the size of Earth. This discovery marks a significant increase in the number of known small-sized planets more akin to Earth than previously identified exoplanets, which are planets outside our solar system.
"The Kepler team continues to amaze and excite us with their planet hunting results," said John Grunsfeld, associate administrator for NASA's Science Mission Directorate in Washington. "That these new planets and solar systems look somewhat like our own, portends a great future when we have the James Webb Space Telescope in space to characterize the new worlds.”
Since the discovery of the first planets outside our solar system roughly two decades ago, verification has been a laborious planet-by-planet process. Now, scientists have a statistical technique that can be applied to many planets at once when they are found in systems that harbor more than one planet around the same star.
To verify this bounty of planets, a research team co-led by Jack Lissauer, planetary scientist at NASA's Ames Research Center in Moffett Field, Calif., analyzed stars with more than one potential planet, all of which were detected in the first two years of Kepler's observations -- May 2009 to March 2011.
The research team used a technique called verification by multiplicity, which relies in part on the logic of probability. Kepler observes 150,000 stars, and has found a few thousand of those to have planet candidates. If the candidates were randomly distributed among Kepler's stars, only a handful would have more than one planet candidate. However, Kepler observed hundreds of stars that have multiple planet candidates. Through a careful study of this sample, these 715 new planets were verified.
This method can be likened to the behavior we know of lions and lionesses. In our imaginary savannah, the lions are the Kepler stars and the lionesses are the planet candidates. The lionesses would sometimes be observed grouped together whereas lions tend to roam on their own. If you see two lions it could be a lion and a lioness or it could be two lions. But if more than two large felines are gathered, then it is very likely to be a lion and his pride. Thus, through multiplicity the lioness can be reliably identified in much the same way multiple planet candidates can be found around the same star.
"Four years ago, Kepler began a string of announcements of first hundreds, then thousands, of planet candidates --but they were only candidate worlds," said Lissauer. "We've now developed a process to verify multiple planet candidates in bulk to deliver planets wholesale, and have used it to unveil a veritable bonanza of new worlds."
These multiple-planet systems are fertile grounds for studying individual planets and the configuration of planetary neighborhoods. This provides clues to planet formation.
Four of these new planets are less than 2.5 times the size of Earth and orbit in their sun's habitable zone, defined as the range of distance from a star where the surface temperature of an orbiting planet may be suitable for life-giving liquid water.
One of these new habitable zone planets, called Kepler-296f, orbits a star half the size and 5 percent as bright as our sun. Kepler-296f is twice the size of Earth, but scientists do not know whether the planet is a gaseous world, with a thick hydrogen-helium envelope, or it is a water world surrounded by a deep ocean.
"From this study we learn planets in these multi-systems are small and their orbits are flat and circular -- resembling pancakes -- not your classical view of an atom," said Jason Rowe, research scientist at the SETI Institute in Mountain View, Calif., and co-leader of the research. "The more we explore the more we find familiar traces of ourselves amongst the stars that remind us of home."
This latest discovery brings the confirmed count of planets outside our solar system to nearly 1,700. As we continue to reach toward the stars, each discovery brings us one step closer to a more accurate understanding of our place in the galaxy.
Launched in March 2009, Kepler is the first NASA mission to find potentially habitable Earth-size planets. Discoveries include more than 3,600 planet candidates, of which 961 have been verified as bona-fide worlds.
The findings papers will be published March 10 in The Astrophysical Journal and are available for download at:
Ames is responsible for the Kepler mission concept, ground system development, mission operations and science data analysis. NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, Calif., managed Kepler mission development. Ball Aerospace & Technologies Corp. in Boulder, Colo., developed the Kepler flight system and supports mission operations with the Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics at the University of Colorado in Boulder. The Space Telescope Science Institute in Baltimore archives, hosts and distributes Kepler science data. Kepler is NASA's 10th Discovery Mission and was funded by the agency's Science Mission Directorate.
For more information about the Kepler space telescope, visit:
J.D. Harrington
Headquarters, Washington
Michele Johnson
Ames Research Center, Moffett Field, Calif.

Friday, February 21, 2014

NASA scientist has proof of extraterrestrial life

NASA scientist has proof of extraterrestrial life

In an interview with Lee Spiegel from the Huffington Post, Richard Hoover, who worked for NASA as an astrobiologist for 46 years, claims to have found “the remains of life forms that are absolutely conclusively extraterrestrial.” 
In the article released on February 19, Richard Hoover claims that his scientific research on meteorites proves the existence of microbial extraterrestrial life, and that it has been systematically ignored by NASA administrators.
Once again, NASA is a part of the cover-up. 


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The Ozark conference will be held at the Best Western Inn of the Ozarks in Eureka Springs, Arkansas.

Film premiers of “Hidden Hand”  and “Zipper” will be shown during the event. 
Speakers for the conference are Haktan Akdogan (Turkish UFO researcher), Delores Cannon (author, regressionist), Linda Moulton Howe (Investigative reporter), George Noory (Radio talk show host), Antonio Paris (Former U.S. Counterintelligence Officer), Nick Pope (former UK Ministry of Defense), Tony Cataldo and Ines Ramero, Travis Walton, and Sherry Wilde
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